Aseman HVAC

Website Design / Social media


  • Aseman Tahvieh Co


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build


  • 18 Pages
  • Icons
  • Slides 
  • 250 Instagram Posts


  • Analytics
  • Social Media managmenet

Project Info


Our challenge was to provide a right to the left layout since the company’s website is in the Persian language. The second challenge was they had so many products and we needed the beautiful and user-friendly main menu. Their provided pictures’ sizes were not suitable for the website. Also, they were insisted to have the most simple layout possible. the Instagram account growth was also a challenge. Finding the most related audience is not so easy for the businesses like HVAC.


First things first we standardize the whole content then designed the best layouts for the Persian website. Then we found a suitable Persian font to represent their brand and their business category meanwhile keeping it simple and minimal.We designed the Instagram page layout and customized their pictures and content for the best results. Also, we designed the best hashtags for their content to connect them to related customers and companies. We are managing their account and providing monthly reports.

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